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Thee Idea Men: Unique Gifts for Fans

One of the great ways to show how much you appreciate the music of a particular artist or group is to own something that has their image on it, whether it be a t-shirt or any number of other things. Fans of Thee Idea Men would love to receive anything to do with the band as a gift. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to give a music lover, but the following list of ideas should set you on the right path to finding the perfect gift.


T-shirts – Almost every group that ever plays tshirt_gift_smalla live concert will have their band t-shirt available for sale. This is probably the most enjoyable way for a fan to show their appreciation for the group’s music, proudly wearing the group’s image on their chest and/or back. While t-shirts are always welcomed as gifts, there are other items of apparel you can give too: hats, sweatshirts and more.


Coffee Mugs – Every time your Thee Idea coffemugMen fan has a cup of coffee they will be able toenjoy it from a Thee Idea Men coffee mug, and smile when they think of how thoughtful a gift it was and how much fun it was to receive it. Coffee mugs last for a very long time if looked after so 10 years from now they will still be able to enjoy taking a sip of coffee from their very own Thee Idea Men coffee mug.


Albums – While it is quite likely your Thee Idea Men fan has already got the group’s albums you may be able to find a limited edition set or one that has been autographed by the band members. This will be a gift that will last a lifetime and may well become a valuable collectible item in the future.


Show Tickets – The ultimate gift for the diehard Thee Idea Men fan is tickets to a live show. If you aren’t a fan but know your gift recipient has friends who are make sure to get at least two tickets so they can take a friend with them to enjoy the experience of seeing Thee Idea Men live!